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Bikram Yogaのメールグループに参加していますので、このようなメッセージがときに届きます。
Hello Everyone,

Fall has begun and the weather is changing―not that noticeable here in Southern California, but I know that some of you are enjoying the vibrant changing colors of the leaves and the chill in the air.

Teacher training in Hawaii is running very smoothly this time. We want to thank all of the dedicated teachers who not only encourage their students to attend, but also donate their time and energy to help during training. Our key personnel include: Craig, Antonia, Kyoko, Luke, and Julia, and of course we couldn’t have done it without Shelly Kompel. Trainees have come from all over the world including: the UK, Thailand, Spain, South Africa, Norway, New Zealand, Mexico, Korea, Israel, Hungary, Hong Kong, Germany, France, Czech republic, Chile, Canada, Belgium, Austria, and Australia. Graduation for our 287 trainees will be held on the 17th of November.

Thank you to everyone who attended the advanced seminar in Hawaii. We all had a wonderful time and Bikram was very impressed with people’s postures. He noted a strong improvement from previous years. We are planning to hold another advanced seminar in Hawaii in the spring.

There are transformations in nature and in our yoga world as well. The championships are underway all over the United States and internationally. I’d like to say a big thank you to all who have contributed their valuable time and resources to organize regional championships. This year, we are excited to announce the children’s division. I already helped judge the championships in Kansas and the children were lovely! The addition of a youth division is part of my life-long dream to include yoga in the Olympics. Think of the repercussions of this addition to our everyday lives―yoga might be categorized as a legitimate sports activity and could be taught to children in the school system. Childhood obesity is one of the most damaging health issues of children in the industrialized world today and a regular yoga practice could have a great impact on this dilemma.


Katherine Marshal-Kramer
Kansas Children’s Division

The Fifth Annual Bishnu Charan Ghosh International Yoga Asana Championships will be held at a new venue this year. We are moving to the Westin LAX Hotel. It is closer to the school and more convenient to the airport, and best of all it is newly renovated and full of sunlight. The dates for the event are February 1-3, 2008. We are a little early for Bikram’s birthday this year; nevertheless we will still celebrate it on Friday night. Lunch for the participants will be held at the hotel on Friday afternoon, the United States championships will be on Saturday, and the International championships on Sunday. For reservations please go to our website and click on 2008 Bishnu Ghosh Cup to take you to a link for the Westin LAX. If you have any questions about the championships contact Lynn Whitlow at 707-972-2915 or email her at: lynnwhitlow@gmail.com , if you have questions about the event contact Ainslie Faust at headquarters: 310-854-5800 or email her at: ainslie@bikramyoga.com. The judge’s clinic this year will have an exciting new format and will take place at headquarters on Monday and Tuesday directly following the event.

We have many new studios opening including:
Capalaba, Australia (Kylie Watson)
Helsinki, Finland (Kirsi Koskinen)
Orlando, Florida #2 (Carol,Crain)
Asheville, NC (Janet Jones and Adi Dagan)
Pittsburgh, PA (Mori Dadgari)
Tel Aviv, Israel #2 (Amnon Gorfung)
Kamloops, BC, Canada (Stephen Webb and Anita Cole)
South Kansas City, MO (Thomas Humphrey)
Honolulu, HI - downtown (Conrad Gacki, Jr.)
Madison, WI (Conrad Gacki, Sr.)
Naples, FL (Jeannette Gluski)
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada #3(Pernille Tjelum)
Amsterdam, Netherlands #2 (Therese Aartsen and Rick Vines)
Evanston, IL (Stuart Getz)

We have so many things that we hold onto during our days and nights, ideas that take root in our minds, unpleasant or even pleasant thoughts. Try to relinquish these, detach, at least once a day, and give your mind and heart a respite. Refresh yourself with the infinite force of Unconditional Love. A good time may be in your savasana after you have completed your class. In this way you will have a fresh start every day.

Happy Halloween and Happy Thanksgiving!






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When I worked at a company, I suffered from depression. Therefore I wanted to study yoga, and I went thru the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Fall of 2006.




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